Crossed over & a new desk chair

Crossed over & a new desk chair

chair afterWell I’ve crossed over the ocean & moved back to the good ole US of A. While I do miss Germany, I’m definitely not missing the weather one bit.  I’m also in the process of starting over with blogging & moving to wordpress. To celebrate all these new starts I’m finally getting my apartment decorated & settled in slowly but surely. I have a tiny list (yeah right!) of things I want to get done before starting my job in a few weeks. The first on the list is a temporary desk chair. My actual desk & chair are in storage along with all of our furniture while we are waiting to purchase a house later this year. Anywho, this was a $15 craigslist find & fit my criteria of being in good shape & most importantly cheap. The couple I purchased the chair from were a riot & basically adopted me since I had just moved to Texas & knew literally no one & I still don’t. The chair was sturdy but covered in this sad, drab olive green fabric on the front & this satiny green & dark pink floral on the back. Sorry I can’t find my before photos but I’m sure they’re around here somewhere. I originally wanted to recover it in a vintage grain sack a la Miss Mustard Seed style, but couldn’t find any locally or any on ebay that didn’t require selling a major body organ. So, I decided to cover it in a bleached drop cloth following Miss Mustard Seed’s very detailed instructions on bleaching. The back I covered with some fabric I stalked for months on end waiting for it to be stocked & then go on sale & just the right coupon to come along before purchasing it.  The frame of the chair I first painted in some homemade chalk paint, since my actual chalk paint is in storage. I followed the recipe posted by No Minimalist Here & dissolved the plaster of Paris in water before mixing with the paint, this just made it easier & less lumpy to mix. I used a sample of Behr’s Georgian Revival & it was too light for the look I wanted, so I painted directly over it with a teal oops paint I picked up on clearance at Walmart. This was followed by a random dry brushing over the frame with Behr’s Light French Gray. I followed this with a quick rub down of asphaltum glaze & then wiped it off with a damp rag. To protect the finish, I applied a paste wax in clear & buffed it to a silky smooth shine with a scrap piece of drop cloth. Sorry these photos were taken with my cell phone since it was closer to me than trekking back downstairs for my camera.

chair back

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Flohmarkt means flea market in German. I like how the word looks & sounds & it describes my eclectic "design" style to a perfect tee. I'm a mom on a budget & I love being surrounded by pretty things. Enter flohmarkts. Join me as my journey of living in Germany is coming to an end & I embark on new adventures moving back to the US.

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  1. Your chair looks lovely … and what patience you have to wait for your perfect fabric like you did!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice compliment about my big blue dresser. (I wanted to send you a personal reply, but your email is not available.) To answer your question about the pulls on my dresser, I had some extras that are very similar from another old dresser in storage, so I replaced the six handles on the large drawers. I found that it’s almost impossible to find the EXACT ones you need to match existing ones.

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